Monday, July 23, 2012

September 26th is the day to travel to the Big Apple

September 26 - New York City Bus Trip 
The Wednesday, September 26th bus will leave the Main Library, 6 Monteith Drive,  parking lot at 7:30 am sharp returning from the west side of 7th avenue between 52nd and 53 Street at 6:30 pm sharp. This is a point directly across from the Sheraton Towers Hotel. I anticipate an approximate 9:00 pm Farmington arrival. The bus will drop people off at: 5th Avenue in the eighties, Rockefeller Center, 42and St for twofers and on Canal Street and Battery Park for a ferry ride. So, if you are in the mood for a museum visit, walk in the city, special lunch or diner, Broadway show matinee, shopping, walking over the upper level of the Brooklyn Bridge, having dim sum in China Town, Walking on the new addition to the High Line park or just people watching . Or you might just go to DUMBO by crossing the Brooklyn Bridge as suggested  below:
  1. Plan to spend at least an hour in each direction, so there’s time to stop and look.
  2. Bring your street smarts: Go during daylight hours, or any evening when there are lots of other pedestrians.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes, and not high heels. (The planks of wood will catch small heels).
  4. Realize that it’s a 1.3 mile walk, perhaps longer than you (or your children) expected.
  5. Take a moment to get a photograph of the Manhattan skyline.
  6. Stay in the pedestrian lane.
  7. Pay attention to all the other traffic, such as bikes, that have their own lanes.
Once over the Bridge, you will want to see Jane's Carousel  for a fabulous look at the city from an historic 1922 vintage carousel. At any rate, September 26th  is the day to travel to the Big Apple. Please call Mary Beth or Bernie in the Library office for the price and more details. 860-673-6791.

Payments of $35 need to be received by Administration by August 31, 2012. No seat will be held without payment.